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Yesterday, the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of IIUM has been held. Around 100 students gathered in Lecture Hall 1 Kulliyah of Medicine to hear and respond to the activities that have been done through out the year (2006/2007). 

Did not losing this opportunity, me myself also attended the important meeting. Besides, I was the subcommittee for this occasion.  

SRC 06/07 was actually the first students’ representative council in Kuantan Campus. Been lead by brother Mohd. Syafiq Abdul Rahman, this council has showed its professionalism through out the year by trying to serve the best to all students in IIUM Kuantan.  

Some activities and events that have been done are;

1.     Campus Interaction Day, IIUM Kuantan

2.     Fund-rising for the flood victims

3.     IIUM Kuantan Sports Carnival

4.     IT workshop

5.     IIUM Kuantan Festival 2007 (IQuest)

6.     Launching Merdeka Celebration

7.     Medical Exhibition

8.     Online Database Workshop

9.     Marriage Course

10.  Islamic Awareness Campaign

11.  Syabaan Special

12.  Ramadhan Special1

3.  Arabic classes 


RM 11,562.00


RM 92,646.84

 Personally, I really hope that this coming new SRC will do more efforts and changes in order to take care of students’ welfare. May the objectives and functions of SRC will be done in the best place. InsyaAllah. 

To all candidates that will fight for the chair of SRC 07/08, wish you all the best.  Choose the right leader to lead…Lead to read, not to eat! 

Special note for brother Abu Qossim Nor Azmi. Try your best.


2 thoughts on “IIUM Kuantan Bulletin

    akma said:
    October 5, 2007 at 2:43 am

    i will vote him!!!!
    “my leader” is the best!!!!

    wardahputeh responded:
    October 5, 2007 at 5:23 am

    tolonglah akmalili…aduih la =p

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