oh Ramadhan

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Ramadhan Kareem has been on its 16th day.

Everyone is celebrating this month of rahmah.

• People read Al-Quran everyday in this month even though before this, he/she may read only one page per week.

• People may do tahajjud in the middle of night before having sahur everyday in this month, even though she/he always woke up for subuh at 7.00 am before this.

• People may survive without eating any food from subh to maghrib, even though before this he/she cannot stand without eating 24 hours!

Yes, Ramadhan is the month of rahmah. Allah gives us the room for doing good deeds. Although we have many things and work to finished off, things seem to be easier than before and time seems to be waiting for us.

But now…on the 16th day of Ramadhan…Everybody seems to be exhausted (?) or maybe bored (?) doing repeating good things in Ramadhan. Or maybe people are more interested to figure out what type of attire that they should wear in Syawal..Or now busy buying various type of “kueh raya” or might be you are the one that selling “kueh raya”. (Things seem to be smooth in the end of ramadhan, your kueh sold out every week?)

Oh Ramadhan Kareem
You give us 1001 opportunities
But people
Always forget about it.

If we are busy preparing for Syawal, please remember this maybe the last Ramadhan for us. Try to do our best in this Ramadhan. Gain mardhotillah.

Lastly, be like the dates tree. Always gives good thing to people. Not only in the month of Ramadhan.

“Perumpamaan seorang mukmin adalah seperti sebatang pohon kurma. Apa yang kamu ambil darinya akan memberikan manfaat kepadamu.” Diriwayatkan AtThabrani dari Ibn Umar r.a.
(Syarah Lengkap Arbai’n Tarbawiyah)

Mukmin is like the tree of dates. Everything that you get from it will give advantages. Its leaf, its root, its fruits, its seed, all can be used by human. Thus, we as muslim should;

• Observe our words
• Observe our thought
• Observe our activities
• Take care of our heart
• Take care of our time

By fearing Allah..

Wishing you Ramadhan Kareem! (Although it seems to be late now…)


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