Annual General Meeting SCIENCESS 06/07

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Annual General Meeting SCIENCESS 06/07. I have attended this precious event yesterday.

This event started with the secretariat report on financial and programmes.


Financial Report


Balance from semester 05/06-RM 306.58

Balance from moving to Kuantan-RM 489.00

Special task and economic –RM403.09

Islamic affairs bureau-RM133.00

TOTAL-RM 133.00


RM 257.30


RM 1074.37



There are all 39 activities that have been done, ongoing and upcoming till this end of semester 06/07. Some of them are;

Wada hijrah

Open session

“From me to you” request programme

KOS School Tour

LAN Party

Blogging and Poster Competition


Ramadhan Exhibition

Capoiera class


Usrah at Technical School

KOS Gala Night


The event continued with the election of new line-up for SCIENCESS exco.

I would like to congratulate all new members of SCIENCESS board. May all of you will fulfill the aims. Especially bringing up the name of science students. =)


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