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Raya-raya…kerja berterabur atas meja…

2 hari je raya … cukup kut..

Alhamdulillah, dapat duit raya! Shopping dengan adik…

   Those thoughts overwhelmed me these few days. On 17th i’ll go back to Kuantan. I’m having very short vacation coz of the final exam is around the corner.

29/10-Computer in Science

30/10-Islamic Worldview


4/11-Organic Chemistry

11/11-Management for non-economic

Plus some subjects [halaqah + tilawah AQ]…don’t know yet

Even though we’re celebrating our Raya, I’m still having 3 assignments to finish off! 2 Management’s assignment and 1 from Computer in Science. Next, need to memorize some short surahs to ustaz and my naqibah.

Then, i’ll happy celebrating my true holiday…=p


Enough dreaming!


Again, please pray for me…InsyaAllah


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