A message to SCIENCESS members [by Br. Kamarul]

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Assalamualaikum w.r.t. w.b.t. and very good day,
To all SCIENCESS members,
Alhamdulillah, as the lecturer of Kulliyyah of Science and the former Head of Department, Department of Biotechnology; I am very thankful to Allah S.W.T. for giving me great opportunities to meet and know all of you. It is very nice to work and cooperate with the SCIENCESS members. I would like to apologize if I could not make myself available to any invitation from the SCIENCESS in the past. Hereby I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance and contribution to the development of Department of Biotechnology in particular and Kulliyyah of Science in general. Syukran kasiran. Keep up the good commitment and momentum. I always pray for your success in various areas.
I have been working with Kulliyyah of Science since April 8, 2004; I was 23 years old at that time. Now I am 27 years old. Actually, I never dreamt to be a lecturer but now I love my career. I have started serving the kulliyyah and the university from assistant lecturer post. I really enjoy working in Kulliyyah of Science. I guess all of you have the same feeling. We have to accept that Kulliyyah of Science is still in infancy stage, there are so many things to be done for betterment, and I know there are still weaknesses at the moment, that is why the Kulliyyah needs your great support and contribution to step to better level. Allah is always with us. If we work hard for the betterment of the Kulliyyah, Insyaallah more successes will be granted upon us by Allah S.W.T. The Kulliyyah do need your feedback to improvise its operation and service from time to time. Should you have any viewpoints pertaining to the Kulliyyah’s management and administration, please do not hesitate to forward your voices to the Kulliyyah using the proper channel.

During my years in Kulliyyah of Science, I observe that all of you have the potential to be good leaders. Of course, all of us are the khalifah, and we should hold the responsibilities to develop the ummah. I was an undergraduate student from year 2000 until 2003, and I faced most of the challenges that you are facing now. I always try to be sympathy and empathy with you because I know student’s life on campus is very
challenging. And here I would like to remind you and myself about a few things:

(1) Allah gives barakah to His servants who respect their teachers or guru, He gives karamah if we respect our mothers, and He grants hikmah if we respect our fathers. So respect the parties, and ask them to pray for our good health and success. Insyaallah Allah will help us during our difficulties.

(2) Do not be frustrated or upset easily if we get lower than grade A for instance but muhasabah ourselves immediately on the causes and
contributing factors. Say Alhamdulillah and Astagfirullah all the time, make it as our daily practices or amalan. Allah will give more successes to His servants who always be grateful and He will always be with His servants who are very patient and perform the 5 fardhu prayers on time. Allah hu yaroni daiman.

(3) Khalifah is a leader. A good leader produces the best leaders. So get active in SCIENCESS activities and other social activities involving the elements of leadership. If we want to be a great leader, we must be good and loyal followers first, and convey your respect to your leaders. Only then we can develop our potential as khalifah on this earth.

(4) Study hard and smart, share your knowledge with others, do not be selfish. The true successful person is the one who are always willing and keen to help others to be successful along with him. I do practice it, and alhamdulillah Allah always shows me ways when I am in difficulties. The knowledge is from Allah, and as khalifah we must share our knowledge with others, only then the barakah will be sprinkled upon us, Insyaallah.

Again, thank you for everything! May Allah S.W.T. grant you good health and success.


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