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Alhamdulillah, ana dah dewasa lah!
Sebelah kaki dah masuk dunia pekerjaan. Semester pendek praktikal sebagai research assistant.
Inilah tempat praktikal ana:
“To be the centre of excellence in research and innovation for molecular medicine”
“INFORMM will strive to be the focus of research and academic excellence that spearheads world-class knowledge creation through research, discoveries, innovations and training in molecular medicine”
Diagnostic technologies
Biomaterial engineering
Gene therapy technologies
Novel therapeutics
Stem cell research
Cancer research
Mechanism of disease
Drug design and development
Cellular signaling
Nanotechnology in medicine
Structural biology and modeling 
Ini pula bakal supervisor ana:

      Profile Dr. R. Amutha



Dr. R. Amutha joined INFORMM in 2007 as a Lecturer. Her research interest included the application of co-culture to produce ethanol from starch and identification of a novel technique of mixed culture growth in a bioreactor. She has also studied the characteristic of recombinant bacteria and production of ethanol from co immobilized cells of bacteria and yeast in a Packed column reactor. She developed Solid state fermentation technique of fungi to produce single cell protein (SCP) from fruit pulp. She also studied the probiotics effect of “Ergo” fermented milk and screened the anti microbial activity of Lactic acid bacteria isolated from ergo. A other work included the development of High cell density culture of recombinant bacteria of BmSXP in a bioreactor (Mini Bioreactor) to produce high recombinant antigen and also down stream processing to purify the antigen to diagnose filariasis infection. The current research is on the comparative study of immunoproteomics approach of H. pylori and characterizes protein molecules with diagnostic potential towards the identification of diagnostic markers.

Selected Publications :

  1. R. Amutha and P. Gunasekaran. “Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of cassava starch using Zymomonas mobilis.” J. Mic. Biotechnol. Vol. 9, Iss. I. PP. 22-34, 1994.
  2. P. Gunasekaran, T. R. Kannan, V. K. Ananthalakshmi and R. Amutha. “Molecular biology and genetics of Zymomonas mobilis.” (Review) Ind. J. Microbiol. Vol. 34, No. 3, Sep. 1994.
  3. R. Amutha and P. Gunasekaran “Improved ethanol production by a mixed culture of Saccharomyces diastaticus and Zymomonas mobilis from liquefied cassava starch. Ind. J. Microbiol., Vol. 40, June 2001.
  4. R. Amutha and P. Gunasekaran “Production of ethanol from liquefied cassava starch using co-immobilized cells of “Zymomonas mobilis and“Saccharomyces diastaticus” Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering Vol.92. No. 6.pp-560-564, 2001
  5. Esayas Assefa, Fekadu Beyene, Amutha santhanam “Isolation and characterization of inhibitory substance producing lactic acid bacteria from ‘Ergo’, Ethiopian traditional fermented milk” ( Under Press in Livestock Research for Rural Development

Apa perasaan ana?


Tak penting semua ni, yang penting



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