Wardah Puteh & The ‘Bay of Glowing Amber’

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It’s been a while since i’m not updating this blog.

I’m [pretending] busy doing my industrial traning at INFORMM + finishing my ‘100s’ pages report.What a miserable life i need to go through [coz like to do last-minute-preparation].

BUT then, i’ve a good plan this coming Saturday with my friends, my cousin-yang-comot Rehan Farhanah and my sepet co-supervisor.

Guess what?

Jeng jeng jeng

All of us, totally 7 peoples, are going for


^_^ yEAh

After having foot-pain practicing walking, up and down the hill to INFORMM every morning, having back pain every night, lost my purse+money+bank cards+identity card+ my POPULAR bookstore membership card along my way to INFORMM, headache, then, at last, we are going to make it!


It’s not an ordinary hill in typical man-made forest, but it’s a National Park situated at Teluk Bahang, Penang. There are a total of four hiking trails within the forest and the fifth trail which  span the Forest Park in the North and Penang Hill in the south. The trails are specially designed to include not only for the increase of physical stamina but also  to teach avid hikers on identifying and appreciating the island’s exotic flora and fauna.

We are going to take our path from Teluk Bahang to Pantai Kerachut (distance: 3km) and approximately will take 2 hours journey (hopefully i’ll not fainted!)

We will cross a stream and pass a track that leads down towards Sungai Tukun. The last part of the trail makes a steep descent
into Pantai Kerachut valley. We have to wade across a stream to reach the beach.

Pantai Kerachut has a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach, popular for picnics and camping. Not forgotten, there’s a meromictic lake located in Pantai Kerachut, meaning lake with two water layers. Those who like turtle or never seen a turle before, then you can see the nesting place of the Green Turtles at Pantai Kerachut also!

But please, not to disturb the turtle nesting grounds though you ‘mengidam’ to eat the eggs.

 The best part is…

There is no entrance fee! 6,6

If you feel tired after the long journey, you can go back by boat for ~RM 10 per person.

You like it?

If you interested to join us, then please come along!

Meet me, yours truely, Wardah Puteh and i’ll sign an autograph especially for you!


Day & date: Saturday, 19 June 2010

Time: 7a.m depart from INFORMM, insya’allah coming back at 2.00 p.m




2 thoughts on “Wardah Puteh & The ‘Bay of Glowing Amber’

    Nour el-Yaqeen said:
    June 22, 2010 at 2:03 am

    ha? sapa comot?

    wardahputeh responded:
    June 23, 2010 at 3:32 am

    Rehan Farhanah!!!
    Sila jerit sama-sama sambil buat muka comel ^_^

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