Passive Sentences

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I write the novel. The novel is written by me. [Simple present]

I am writing the novel. The novel is being written by me. [Present continuous]

I wrote the novel.  The novel was written by me. [Simple past]

I was writing the novel.  The novel was being written by  me. [Past continuous]

I have completed the novel.  The novel has been completed by me. [Present perfect]

I had returned the novel.  The novel had been returned by me. [Past perfect]

I will have returned the novel.  The novel will have been returned by me. [Future perfect]

I should/ may/ will/ can/ could/ ought write a novel.  A novel should/ may/ will/ can/ could/ ought be written by me. [Modal]




Attention!  Sentences above are not poem written by Wardah Puteh.  ^_^  

I’m a grammar-idiot person  actually practising the passive and active sentences for EOP exam tomorrow. 

Theoretically,  it’s hard.  But, once you understand the trick, insya’Allah you can do it [talking to myself laa, gelak-gelak apa?!]


How to write passive sentences from active.

1. Firstly, try to find the be verb and the verb. 

Be verb: am, is, are, was, were, has been, have been, will be.

2. Secondly, find the ‘object’.  Twist it to the front. [Can you imagine twisting words? I can. So don’t laugh=B]

What object i’m talking about?   Sentence can be separated into three parts; the subject, the verb [plus to be verb] and the object.

 E.g. Wardah Puteh hires a cat.

So the object is A CAT. The subject is ME. The verb is HIRES.

3. Lastly, write it up CONFIDENTLY, a cat hires me. Eh silap. A cat is hired.

You can omit the agent; me or just put it if you think I’m important. =B

However, you need to take note that there are several verbs that cannot be changed in passive sentences. They are,

1. happen

2. occur

3. become

4. exist


6.  go

7. fall

8. die

Nadiah goes to the toilet. Unable to resist the pressure, she runs quickly and desperately.  Suddenly, she falls onto a cat. The cat died.  She cries loudly like Fazilah always does, yet  cannot reverse things that have been occurred.  Once the owner arrived, she thinks that the cat still exists, she doesn’t know what happened yet.   Nadiah becomes too nervous.   Like this:





Now, i bet, she is giggling. 


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